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The Joy of Common Purpose

I planned to get new brakes on my car and to rearrange the storage room in the basement with my week off between Christmas and New Year’s. Solitary tasks. Yesterday, though, like many of you, I read about theBlog Burst for Fred Thompson. I linked to Captain’s Quarter’s (where I first read the story), then to Rick Moran and John Hawkins, who seem to have launched the effort. For the rest of the day, I found myself e-mailing friends and posting updates about the effort to raise enough money for Fred to run a commercial in Iowa lead up to the caucuses. Read more →


Even though he spoke the words much earlier during the Tonight Show’s taping, just moments ago, Americans heard it for the first time. “I am running for President of the United States,” Fred told Jay Leno. If the audience in NBC’s Burbank studios represented a cross-section of the US, then Fred’s announcement is a welcome one. The audience went wild. I got the feeling Fred was a little tight just around the time he said he’s running. Read more →

Maybe We Need a Lazy President

The MSM are tripping over themselves to publish stories about Fred Thompson’s supposed laziness. Newsweek decided to make the accusation head on (from CNN.com): [A]s he prepares to formally begin his campaign for the White House this week, after months of “testing the waters,” the conventional wisdom in Washington is that Thompson doesn’t want it badly enough, isn’t willing to work hard enough-put bluntly, that he is lazy. Newsweek: Grin and Bear It Read more →

Fred Thompson To Announce September 6

I guess this makes it semi-official. Fred Thompson will announce his candidacy for President of the United States by WWW on September 6. Now, I’ve been blogging for Fred since there were only about a dozen and a half bloggers for Fred. All I’m saying is that, when he’s trying to fill his Cabinet … I expect his official entry to change the dynamics of the GOP race dramatically. The bottom tier will drop out. Read more →

Democrat Apparatchik Files Complaint Against Fred Thompson

A Democrat apparatchik named Lane Hudson has filed a complaint against Fred Thompson with the Federal Election Commission, according to WaPo. The lefty claims that Thompson is violating the law by operating like a candidate without declaring his candidacy. Hudson plans to file similar complaints against George Washington, who spent much of the Revolutionary War traveling through critical electoral states, like Pennsylvannia and New York, without declaring himself a candidate for President. Read more →

Presidential Campaign Roundup

We’re still 15 months away from the next general election. Remember that. Getting groceries and taking the kids to hockey practice are more important. Two World Series separate us from the election, not to mention a season and a half of football, more than a year of school. A child born today will be talking and walking before the election. That said, Fred Thompson spoke to CNN yesterday, and his remarks make interesting reading. Read more →

Iowa Straw Poll

The only lasting impact of the Iowa straw poll will be the removal of Sam Brownback. Brownback bussed in supporters by the bushel at $35 a head. He bet the farm on Iowa, and he lost. Mike Huckabee scored more votes than he paid for, which, as Time magazine points out, means one of two things: some of Huckabee’s supporters paid their own fare, or Huckabee stole votes from people who entered the fair on another candidate’s dime. Read more →

Sean Hackbarth Works for Fred

Sean Hackbarth, the guy who runs The American Mind blog, has jumped onboard the Fred Thompson victory train as a member of the web team. Congratulations to Sean and to Fred. Both will benefit greatly from the effort, I am sure. If you’re not with Fred yet, it’s definitely not too late. Read more →

Thompson Campaign Alive and Well

Thompson’s enemies in both parties–all Democrats and the Republicans running for President–are acting like the $3 million raised by his exploratory committee in June dooms his candidacy. Nonesense. First, Fred formed the committee on June 4. It takes a while to get the money flow started, to get people going to the websites, etc. If the average daily gross for June 24 - June 30 were no greater than that of the first week, I’d be more concerned. Read more →