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Fox News’ Ratings Collapse Is Almost Complete. Here’s Why.

Guest post by Lee A. Presser For those of you who do not follow things as mundane as television rating scores, you may be surprised to learn that Fox News Channel (FNC) is losing its lead as the powerhouse in primetime cable TV ratings to MSNBC. There are a couple of reasons why. First, control of FNC has been transferred to two brothers, Lachlan and James Murdoch, who do not believe in the political message espoused by Fox for the last twenty years. Read more →

Not So Fast, Seth

I am a big fan of Seth Godin’s thinking. He clearly understands that people are rejecting steep hierarchies where an oligarchy makes all the decisions and the rest of us are expected to blindly follow instructions. He wrote a wonderful book on the subject. Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?holds some wisdom (and some fallacy) that will empower you to take control of your life if you listen. As I said, I like Seth’s thinking. Read more →