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The Left’s Newfound Love of States’ Rights

Every Constitutional conservative knows there’s no such thing as “states’ rights.” Only people have rights. Governments have powers. People have the right to grant government powers. Governments have no power to assume powers not granted by the people. Anyone who says “states’ rights” needs a basic course in political philosophy. For years, a few conservatives mistakenly defended “states’ rights” when they meant to say “federalism.” When conservatives made this error, the left jumped all over them. Read more →

Time for Defiance, Resistance, and Resolve in Missouri

At the Pachyderm Club’s national convention last year, I overheard a Republican Missouri State Representative talking about HB 609. “It was the best bill I’ve ever been involved with,” she said. “Those people who just went nuts don’t know anything about insurance.” If you read my blog, you’re likely one of the “those people,” the ignorant masses who don’t understand the fineries of the legislative process. You don’t appreciate how hard the insurance industry lobbyists worked with Jefferson City to craft a law that sold only a bit of you into slavery while ensuring the insurance companies remained profitable and your favorite Republican legislators had the money to campaign next year. Read more →

A Health Insurance Solution that Some Smart State Should Try

The term “United States” is both plural (many states united) and singular (the United States). The tag line “e pluribus unum” loses its meaning if we cease to be many, if we give up our identities as individual states. As states, we are as different from each other as the United States is from Canada. The United States are most powerful pursuing opportunities and fixing problems in the plural but defending in the singular. Read more →

The Joy of Common Purpose

I planned to get new brakes on my car and to rearrange the storage room in the basement with my week off between Christmas and New Year’s. Solitary tasks. Yesterday, though, like many of you, I read about theBlog Burst for Fred Thompson. I linked to Captain’s Quarter’s (where I first read the story), then to Rick Moran and John Hawkins, who seem to have launched the effort. For the rest of the day, I found myself e-mailing friends and posting updates about the effort to raise enough money for Fred to run a commercial in Iowa lead up to the caucuses. Read more →

Federalism Primer

Imagine you live on a busy street, and you have small children. You want to get a stop sign put up on one of the cross streets near your house to slow people down. You just need to know whom to talk to. In a country like the United States where federalism has been replaced by Big Government, you probably need to get hold of your U. S. Congressman. If he’s so inclined, he’ll attach an amendment that authorizes the placement of the stop sign to some bill. Read more →