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Domine, non sum dignus

We’ve Never Been Closer to Totalitarianism

Very scary thought: If the Democrats take over the House and Senate in January, they could impeach both Trump and Pence and try them in the Senate at the same time making Nancy Pelosi president. You’ve Never Lived in a Time Like This One I’m almost old enough to remember the Democrat National Convention of 1968. Almost. What a show. Hippies and Yippies marching, tear gas, Mayor Daley, Buckley threatening to punch Gore Vidal on live TV. Read more →

Crawling Back to Happiness and Freedom

Happiness Did you know that the word “happiness” means “blessed?” Neither did I. But when I heard this on EWTN Radio the other day, I remembered there are two translations of the Beatitudes. One version goes with “Blessed are …” and the other with “Happy are … .” So, I guess it’s true. The words are interchangeable. Happiness, then, doesn’t mean walking around in some lithium-induced state of bliss. Happiness means earning or obtaining a blessing. Read more →

Abraham, Isaac, and Todd

The story Isaac is about tests of faith. God commanded Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, his only son, born after Abraham and Sarah had given up hope of conceiving. Once Isaac was bound and placed on the altar, God stayed Abraham’s hand. “Now I know you fear God.” You know the rest. It just struck me this morning, listening to the weather during Jamie Allman’s show, that Isaac now threatens the GOP convention, dangling above Tampa like Abraham’s dagger. Read more →

40 Days of Life

Forty Days of Life is a peaceful, prayerful response the poverty of abortion. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-AfLO6Oevo] The Coalition for Life is a community based Christian pro-life organization made up of over 90 churches and thousands of individuals who are working to end abortion in St. Louis, peacefully and prayerfully. ____ The 40 Days for Life St. Louis Adopt-A-Day program is for Churches and/or Organizations that feel God is calling them to a day of prayer at our vigil location near Planned Parenthood on Forest Park Avenue. Read more →