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The Lazy Person’s Cure for Herpes Ex-Im

Every six months. Just when you can you least afford it. It happens. A breakout. It’s Herpes Ex-Im, a cronyism disease that can make the prettiest economic system look sick. Herpes Ex-Im is a virus that attacks your economy’s competitive system, resulting ugly blemishes. Even your lover won’t want to kiss you. But there’s a cure. Left untreated by Congress, Herpes Ex-Im will die.  The free-market system has built-in defenses against crony diseases like Herpes Ex-Im. Read more →

3 Crystal-Clear Images From The Republican Primary De-Cantor

“Shellacked!” That was the word that stuck out to me. Eric Cantor, the Republican House Majority Leader led by 34 points according to his pollster. He lost by 10. That’s a shellacking. Eric Cantor was the first sitting House Majority Leader ever knocked off in a primary. Cantor was also one of Wall Street’s best friends and the embodiment of crony capitalism—the disease eating the heart out of the GOP. Read more →