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Ted Cruz Just Gave the Perfect Response to Establishment Critics VIDEO

The 9 percent who belong to the oligarchical political class hate the rest of us—except when they’re eating from our tables like rabid Vietnamese Potbelly Pigs. The establishment’s latest target: Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Fox’s Bret Baier asked Senator Cruz about critics like George Will and Charles Krauthammer who say Cruz doesn’t understand Washington’s rules: Congressional politics is a team sport I am not trying to play the rules of Washington, because I think Washington is profoundly broken. Read more →

Why Libertarian Kids, Not Drones, Scare McCain and Graham

Jennifer Rubin—WaPo’s token conservative—said it perfectly: McCain lost his cool with Rand Paul and sounded like the old man down the street screaming to the new kids on the block, “Get off my lawn!” The real reason McCain and Lindsey Graham embarrassed themselves on the floor of Senate had nothing to do with what Rand Paul said. Rand Paul’s ideas terrify McCain, Graham, and most of the Republican establishment. Read more →

Ed Martin’s Grit Overwhelms Establishment’s Power

In a blow to the old guard establishment,** the Missouri Republican State Committee elected Ed Martin Jr. as its new party chairman**. Roy Blunt and all six Republican members of Congress from Missouri lobbied the new state committee over the past few weeks to block Ed and retain the establishment’s choice, David Cole. Jo Mannies of the St. Louis Beacon wrote: Cole’s loss appears to be a setback for Missouri’s GOP establishment. Read more →

The State of the GOP

by Bill Hennessy and Jim Durbin John Knowles’s classic novel, A Separate Peace, begins memorably: I went back to the Devon School not long ago, and found it looking oddly newer than when I was a student there fifteen years before … as if a coat of varnish had been put over everything for better preservation. I get precisely the opposite feel when I look at the Republican Party. Read more →

What You Think You Know About Establishment Candidates Is Probably Wrong

I see is all the time. Supporters of Establishment candidates complain that their opponents are establishment, too. We saw it in the Missouri 2nd District. We see in the GOP Presidential primary. The last refuge of the Establishment’s candidates is to spread the pain of the Establishment label. What many people don’t get is what the Establishment label actually means. It’s time everyone understood this. **The Establishment’s candidate is the candidate the Establishment chooses for us. Read more →

Mitt Romney’s Resume Cover Letter

There are some things you just don’t say in a cover letter—or on the campaign trail. A self-aggrandizing cover letter from an NYU undergrad to some Wall Street banks has the whole financial world laughing. The kid’s naïve hubris and ignorance of what employers look for in a candidate earned him public humiliation on an internet scale. Here’s just a sample of the kid’s self-promotion: That semester I achieved a 3. Read more →

New Hampshire Exposes GOP’s Diverse Base

Okay, Santorum and Gingrich didn’t get a bump out of their debates over the weekend. More like the bump got them. And Ron Paul did way better than I expected. Congratulations to Dr. Paul and Mitt. I still think my Saturday night post accurately reflected the national impressions, though. That’s backed up by this CBS News poll that shows Republicans believe Santorum most closely shares their values, _but_—and this is a J Lo but—they believe Romney is more electable. Read more →

BREAKING: Santorum Pulls Away with 13-Vote Lead

That’s with 88 percent of the counting complete. The bigger story: Romney’s underperforming his 2008 results in key counties. Santorum outperforming Huckabee in 2008. What does it all mean? Conservatives and libertarians dominate the caucuses. Romney is the choice of the Republican establishment. The cronies poured millions into his campaign even before he declared himself a conservative. He’s won endorsements from just about every big name general election loser include Bob Dole and George H. Read more →

Where’s Bob Dole?

The middle of the road is fine until you have to get somewhere. I voted for Bob Dole in 1996. Yet his nomination drove me away from political activism for years. I got out of the Navy in the fall of 1994. I watched the GOP reclaim the House with my nephew, Scott. I expected the Republicans to nominate a solid conservative who deliver a knock-out blow to the Clinton era two years later. Read more →

What’s the Big Deal with the Establishment?

A friend of mine told me this story. He sat that there bragging about getting a tax cut for friends of his. I said, ‘you do realize, don’t you, that you’re just like the Democrats, except you’re giving taxpayers money to a different special interest.’ He looked at me and said, ‘but our special interests do good with the money.’ My friend was talking about the second highest-ranking Republican in the Missouri House at the time. Read more →