John “The Weasel” Brunner

RADAR: Did you lose something, sir? HAWKEYE: Hi, Stinky. RADAR: Uh, sir, that’s the sort of name that kind of sticks with a fella. I’d appreciate it if you’d just call me by my given nickname. —M*A*S*H Some names stick with a fella. A friend emailed the link and this note: Brunner is indeed a weasel John Brunner, candidate for governor, surreptitiously recorded a phone conversation with his opponent Eric Greitens.
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Eric Greitens’ Shocking Revelation Could Shatter People’s Faith

Were you shocked when you learned that Navy SEAL, author, humanitarian, and charity founder, Eric Greitens, was born and raised and voted Democrat? I was. Sure, I’d heard the rumors. The whispers spread by some Republican campaign operatives. But I’ve learned to trust those campaign operatives about as far as I fund the national debt. Then, Senator John Lamping sent me a link to this Fox News story: Former Navy SEAL: Why I am no longer a Democrat So, the rumors were true.
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