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You Are Entitled to Nothing

I know “House of Cards” character Frank Underwood is fictitious, malicious, and evil. But even an evil fictitious character can hit the nail on its head occasionally. https://youtu.be/QgTIhT5aLCg We might not like his prescription, but he diagnoses America’s chief problem more concretely, more accurately, and more honestly than any American politician ever has. Ever. We’ve been crippled by Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, by welfare, by entitlements. And that is the root of the problem: entitlements. Read more →

NYT Describes Mayhem of “Taxmageddon”, And It Will Scare You Sick

What the hell’s going on at NYT? First, they do a piece on Andrew Breitbart. Then they warn the world that Taxmageddon will crush the world in 2013, beginning with the USA. Here’s how Business Insider summarized the David Leohardt article: Basically, with no changes to current law, taxes will rise for everyone, and after tax, inflation-adjusted income for the average American will drop to 1998 levels. Read more: https://www. Read more →

Closing the Wealth Gap

Face it: you don’t have that many friends. Not that you can rely on, anyway. On the bright side, you don’t really need friends, do you? You’re a rock star in your own small way. Who made the varsity swim team? You did. Who made honor rolls and deans’ lists? You did. Who landed your job and got the bonus? You did. With friends like yourself, who needs friends? If you make 20 times as much as the next guy in line at Target, who cares? Read more →

What Are We For?

A few weeks back, the Christian Science Monitor asked me to write an op-ed. The subject was, “If the Tea Party ran America, how would things change; and why do you think you’ll win?” The call was my opportunity to break from the easy, unassailable position that things are bad and getting worse. It meant coming up with a solution or two. And solutions already find disagreement somewhere. For over a year I’ve said that the Tea Party movement, begun out of anger, must shift its energy over time from anger to solutions. Read more →