White Water/Black Ops

When I was a kid (thought I felt kind of old at the time) disaster movies were the thing. Before Star Wars, the 1970s were about killer sharks, towering infernos, earthquakes, and capsized cruise ships. Psychologists and sociologists¬†attributed the genre’s popularity to the people’s need to assimilate nuclear holocaust. I think the movies were just good, cathartic entertainment. Nonnie Parry: [Deck behind the group is flooding rapidly] How long will we stay afloat?
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Yahoo Email Users: Check Your Spam Filters

We just received this heads up from a friend: Just a quick note that Yahoo has apparently changed their “Spam” firewall rules. You’re Tea Party updates have been showing up in my spam box for the past couple days. I can’t prove there is a conspiracy, but all of my e-mails from conservative organizations are showing up as spam while a lot of other crap is flying right through. Yahoo mail’s spam filter is supposed to be an adaptive process.
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