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Stop The Crazy Talk: Vote Fraud Didn’t Cost Romney The Election

I wrote yesterday that if you need someone to blame, blame me. Don’t blame bogeymen. Yes, vote fraud is real. Voter rolls in most states need to be cleaned up. Voter intimidation should be harshly prosecuted. You can sign up at True the Vote or Missouri Precinct Project to take effective, useful action. These organizations do vital work, and they both need more volunteers. Using vote fraud, however, as an excuse for secession or for blocking the Electoral College vote is neither effective nor useful. Read more →

Democrats Committed Massive Vote Fraud in 2008, They’ll Do It Again in 2012

John McCain knew that Obama’s minions orchestrated massive voter fraud in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Besides using New Black Panther Party soldiers to repel McCain voters from the polls,** Democrats stuff ballot boxes to give Obama the win in two states with a combined 41 electoral votes**. Here’s how a memo leaked by wikileaks summarized McCain’s election night decision: After discussions with his inner circle, which explains the delay in his speech, McCain decided not to pursue the voter fraud in PA and Ohio, despite his staff’s desire to make it an issue. Read more →

Shady City Votes and Ego-Trip Riders

Three precincts in the city of St. Louis delivered 3,800 votes for Carnahan in the last hour of counting. Wahby’s district. Wahby’s wife works for Mayor Francis Slay. They waited until they knew how many votes they needed, then they manufactured them–typical Dems, in my view. Now I ask you: how many dead or non-existent people voted in Wahby’s precincts? Ed Martin won, and everyone knows it. City Democrats have no qualms with committing felonies to steal elections. Read more →