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The Post-Palin Electoral College Map

Sarah Palin will push 9 toss-up states into McCain’s camp (from left to right): * Nevada * Colorado * New Mexico * [Michigan](https://www.politico.com/news/stories/0908/13198.html) * New Hampshire * Indiana * Ohio * Virginia * [Florida](https://www.surveyusa.com/client/PollReportEmail.aspx?g=e3a24829-6f3f-4928-b30f-cb21804091f0) This will give McCain the Electoral College victory in November, 300 to 238. The Palin-Effect works two different ways: Rough Rider Admiration and Strong Woman Identification. This estimate and projection is based on analysis of detailed polling data from Gallup and Reuters. Read more →

Fred Fading?

A new CBS News poll of 302 Republicans shows that Rudy Giuliani has widened his lead over Fred Thompson. Captain’s Quarters breaks down the unreliability of CBS, the problems with the sample, etc, so I won’t repeat that here. Instead, let’s say the numbers are correct and Fred Thompson is fading fast. Two questions come up: Why? and What of it? Why: Interest in Thompson as the non-candidate peaked in late June and the first week of July. Read more →

Five Kids and the List of Nos

Five kids is a lot these days. “You have five kids? Oh, my God!” people say, their eyes bugged out, mouths wide open. Even when the oldest were babies, developmental psychologists were advising parent not to tell children “no.“ Their theory was that “no” would teach a child limitation and destroy his curiosity. Instead, offer an alternative. Well, that doesn’t work. But the funny thing is, it’s the no “no” advice is totally out of synch with society. Read more →

Thompson to Announce in September

*THIS IS HENNESSY’S VIEW’S 1000TH POST SINCE AUGUST, 2000* As an act of courtesy to the politics-weary American public, Fred Thompson is likely to announce his candidacy for the GOP nomination for President in September, according to columnist-reporterRobert Novak. Thompson’s late entry may reverse a trend in recent years in which the next presidential campaign begins before the last one ends. If Thompson believes the people will be sick of Giuliani, Clinton, and Obama by the time the Super Bowl comes around, he may be right. Read more →