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6.3 Earthquake in Central Italy UPDATE

The USGS reports a strong, 6.3 earthquake in Central Italy [map of quake]. No news on major news sites yet. UPDATE: Fox News now has banner but no story. UPDATE: Fox News moves fast. From Sky News Service quoting Rafael Abreu Hael of U.S. Geological Survey: “This is a significant earthquake,” he said. “This is a shallow quake but there is definitely a possibility of damage and even injuries. It is going to depend on what type of buildings are in the area. Read more →

That Hideous Rhythm

I just blogged about the bad, sad events in St. Louis, Missouri, today. A 22-year-old police officer shot to death on duty; a famous, majestic church burned. But looking around the internet, I find bad news all over. It was one of those days when the world’s rhythms crossed into bad vibes. Some of those vibrations shook the earth in Peru, to the tune of 8.0 on the Richter scale, killing at least 850, probably more. Read more →