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Urgent: We Need Poll Sitters

We need poll sitters. Poll workers for Dottie Bailey for Missouri House District 110. Eureka, Pacific, and Wildwood. The job is easy. Wear a Dottie Bailey t-shirt in front of a polling place. As voters approach, say “Thank you for coming out to vote today, and we appreciate your support for Dottie Bailey. Why Dottie Dottie is the true conservative, grassroots activist in the race. Her primary opponent is an old nemesis of the Tea Party. Read more →

State House Candidate Likes Local Control after Embarrassing State Audit

One of the candidates for Missouri House District 110 (Eureka, Wildwood, and Pacific) sent out a mailer to voters today. The mailer talks about “local control” of education, and many other fine platitudes that poll well. In other news,** while this candidate was on the Rockwood School District board of directors** (the district that serves most of Eureka, Wildwood, and Pacific), bad things happened. Like this: The Rockwood School District overpaid its longtime construction management company by more than $1. Read more →

Primary Fasting

I invite you to join a centuries-old tradition: fasting for a cause. Moses and Jesus fasted for 40 days. But this Primary Fast will last only 14. Some fasts require that you eat nothing during the fast. But this Primary Fast lets you eat one full, wonderful meal a day. Did you know that General Stanley McChrystal has lived on just one meal a day for decades. And one meal a day was enough to drive him through the war against al Qaeda. Read more →

Party Thursday!

A great State Rep decides to give up his seat. The seat previously held by the Speaker of the House and a conservative legend. A seat in, perhaps, the most reliably conservative House district in St. Louis County. Now, there’s a battle for that seat. A battle between a left-leaning Establishment Republican and a grassroots Conservative activist. An activist whose work for the right causes earned a star on Heritage Action’s Wall of Honor. Read more →