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Feelin’ Berned? Special Offer for Bernie Fans

After the DNCLeak stories, I think Bernie fans deserve a break. Since you’re probably looking for someone to vote for—someone who’s anti-establishment and outside the political class—you might be thinking about Trump. This might help: 25% offthe ultimate guide to turning from anti-Trump to … voting for Trump. I did it. You can, too. My book will help. To get the 25% discount (that’s like $2.50 in your pocket), just give me your email address and vouch that you Feel Berned. Read more →

Great Radio with Larry Kudlow and Friends

Wow! Larry Kudlow really like Turning On Trump. You can listen to my interview with Larry here. My hit starts at 1:36:48, but the whole show is great. [audio preload=“auto” mp3=“https://hennessysview.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Kudlow-Hennessy.mp3"][/audio] On Wednesday, Mark Reardon and I had a great Trump conversation onKMOX Radio. You can listen to that here. You should probably follow Mark on twitter: https://twitter.com/MarkReardonKMOX [audio mp3=“https://hennessysview.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Reardon-hennessy.mp3" preload=“auto”][/audio] And if you missed it, Jamie Allman was so gracious and kind to have me onThe Allman Report on Friday. Read more →

It must be a diversion, right?

I admire David French, David French is running for president, but you probably have no idea who he is, right? No, it’s not Buffy and Jody’s man-nanny from the 1960s sitcom Family Affair. That was Mr. French played by Sebastian Cabot, and I forget the character’s first name. Nor is it the guy who publishes most stage play scripts. That’s Samuel French. (Only theatre people will know that name.) If you’re a hard-core conservative or you read National Review for any reason, you might have heard of David French. Read more →

How Conservatives Abandoned Principles Over Trump

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about “principles” lately. Ted Cruz’s entire campaign centered “conservative principles” and being a “principled conservative.” Lately, though, most of that “principles” talk is about how Donald Trump has caused good conservatives to abandon their principles. Maybe that’s true. In fact, I’m starting to believe it. The one principle that many conservatives have abandoned and encouraged others to abandon: keeping your word. The lead advocate for abandoning this principle of keeping one’s word is Jonah Goldberg of National Review and the American Enterprise Institute. Read more →

How to Predict Trump’s Landslide Win

You might have noticed that my predictions have been remarkably accurate lately, have you not? For example, on Sunday, May 1, I predicted Ted Cruz would suspend his campaign after getting trounced in Indiana. Two days later, Cruz lost the Indiana primary to Donald Trump 53 to 36. At the time I wrote, many pundits and pollster still believed Cruz could win that Indiana race, and everyone believed Cruz was telling the truth when he said repeatedly he was staying in the race to Cleveland unless Trump reached 1,237 delegates before then. Read more →

Here’s How the Ryan-Trump Meeting Ends

Nothing happens in politics by accident. Every move has an angle. Some players are better than others. Paul Ryan and Donald Trump are two of the best players alive, but one is better than the other. We’ll see that tomorrow. House Speaker Paul Ryan has set aside Thursday for meetings with his party’s nominee for President. Every nominee for president meets with the senior members of his party’s Congressional caucus, so there’s nothing odd about the meeting. Read more →

Trump Is the Only Viable Pro-Life Choice

Some pro-life activists like Erick Erickson are plotting ways to sabotage Donald Trump’s candidacy for president. They probably haven’t stopped to think. If they succeed in defeating Trump, they will be culpable in many, many abortions. That’s a lot of guilt for a guy like Erickson to carry around, isn’t it? Chances are Congress won’t introduce any major abortion laws in the next four years. That means the abortion battle will remain in the courts. Read more →

Who Is Conservative?

People think they’re rational, but we’re not. For example, on many issues,** Trump’s positions are almost identical to Ronald Reagan’s.** When it comes to abortion, trade, taxes, foreign policy and the military, and entitlements like Social Security, you can’t fit a dime between Reagan and Trump. So why do people see Trump as far to the left of Reagan? Contrasts and comparisons. Reagan ran against George Bush and John B. Anderson. Read more →

Trump for President. I Endorse.

You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill I will choose a path that’s clear I will choose freewill –RUSH, Freewill Last July and August and once in September, I was down on Donald Trump. I predicted that a Trump nomination would be the last nail in the coffin of conservatism. Read more →

World Leaders and Paul Ryan Begin Negotiating With Trump

Every prediction about Trump has been wrong. Except for two. Ann Coulter and Scott Adams predicted Trump would win the nomination and, eventually, the White House in a landslide. They were right. World leaders expect Trump to win, and they are lining up to make all his crazy assertions look like brilliant predictions. Former Mexico president Vicente Fox apologized to Trump, and Trump graciously accepted. That’s a sign that Mexicans expect Trump to become the next US president. Read more →