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One Question for Gail Hackett of UMKC

Gail Hackett, UMKC Provost, released a deceitful, false, and irresponsible defense of UMKC instructors who encouraged students to use violence, sabotage, and intimidation to their way. But Gail Hackett refuses to answer hard questions. I have one question for the UMKC Provost: **** **Do you agree with Don Giljum’s statement “I believe in a violent overthrow of Bourgeois?” ** Before you answer, remember that Giljum’s use of the personal term “Bourgois” instead of the the class “bourguoisie” indicates that Giljim believes in violence against individual members of the middle class. Read more →

4 Updates on University of Missouri Story

Big news day in the advance of liberty in our battle against collectivists. First, KMOX is reporting that an UMSL professor has resigned** over the controversy**. For the life of me, I cannot find who the professor is. I thought that everyone involved was either an instructor or a guest lecturer. If you know the answer to the riddle, please use the comment form. Second, University of Kansas City refuses to accept responsibility for what goes on in its classroom. Read more →

Tea Party Leader condones political violence: “It certainly has its place. It’s a tactic that should be used at the appropriate time. I believe in a violent overthrow … , and that freedom is found at the barrel of a gun”

Did I say “Tea Party Leader?” ** I meant labor union leader Don Giljum condones violence, intimidation, and sabotage.** Giljum’s the business manager for Operating Engineers Local 148 and a lecturer at University of Missouri-St. Louis. It’s in the UMSL classroom that he pontificates and brags about the … the uglier side of negotiations. Here’s what he actually said about violence for political purposes: It certainly has its place. It’s a tactic that should be used at the appropriate time. Read more →