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Despots Use Money to Buy Power

Politicians don’t seek money. They seek power. They use money to acquire power. Once they have the power, money becomes irrelevant. Did you see how states behaved last summer? The “Race to the Top” is all you need to know about the relationship between government money, power, and degradation. The Race to the Top education initiative dangled cash in front of states. Most states, including Missouri, bit. They competed against each other for the privilege of surrendering their sovereignty over education to a DoE overlord. Read more →

Afraid to Live

Leftist philosophies lead to despotism. Despotism appeals to some people because: They don’t have to think. They won’t face consequences. Problems arise when the people who thought they didn’t want to think decide to think for themselves. Traditionally, the despots either kill or incarcerate the thinkers. Eventually, too many people think, the prisons overflow, and the people kill or incarcerate the despot. Instead of living through this cycle of violence again, why don’t we stop the despot now? Read more →

Coming Soon … Global Warming Skepticism Illegal UPDATE

Steve McIntyre tears to shreds an anti-speech ruling by the British equivalent of the FCC, Ofcom. Ofcom ruled that a documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle” violated rules, essentially, because the producers presented evidence contrary to the party line of the United Nations and the Labor government. In other words, in the UK, thou shalt not question global warming. For all the details (way too involved for this blog) see McIntyre’s Climate Audit beginning here. Read more →