Let Depression Be Your Guide

Yesterday, I gave you a reason to celebrate the Supreme Court’s decision. But I never said to let go of your anger or depression. ** That’s because we need creativity, focus, and action, and you get those through emotional distress. ** In his new best-selling book, Jonah Lehrer discusses the link between depression and creativity: This helps explain why Forgas has found that states of sadness— he induces the downcast mood with a film about death and cancer— also correlate with better writing samples; subjects compose sentences that are clearer and more compelling.
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Black Friday (Infographic)

The world’s economy–including BRICs–is collapsing. The problem is debt, and the youth will set us free. Even if that’s a very painful liberation.

3 Signs of Economic Disaster

Each day, more economists jump onto the Double-Dip bandwagon. Signs abound that the natural economic recovery that would normally follow a deep recession won’t happen. Instead, the economy is now saddled with so much debt, so many regulations, and such onerous new taxes that the Obama Administration tells us to be happy with 9.5 percent unemployment. Barack Obama is an economic disaster of the first order. So why all the pessimism?
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Fed Report Hints At Depression--Markets Tank

The Federal Reserve Board’s Open Market Committee released the minutes of its October 28-29 meeting, today, in which some members raise the specter of economic depression extending more than 4 consecutive quarters. The report calls the present financial mess the worst in more than half a century, carefully avoiding direct references to the Great Depression. Stocks Tank Wall Street responded with 427 point (5.16 percent) collapse, with Citigroup leading financial stocks to a 10 percent crash.
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