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Missouri’s 2016 Electorate Very Different from 2012

When it comes to the number of potential voters, 2016 is shaping up to be a watershed year in Missouri politics. Take at look at this chart of generational voters in 2008 and 2012: (Source: Missouri Census Data Center) Where Did the Millennials Come From? Leaving biology out of it, it’s simple: 2016 will be the first election in which the entire Millennial cohort is old enough to vote. Plus Millennial-aged immigrants have increased their numbers. Read more →

This Is The Infographic That The Whole Republican Party Is Freaking Out About

The 3 million McCain voters who didn’t vote for Romney? They’re dead. [Click image to view full size. Please forward, download, and print. This is important.] To survive, the GOP needs to stop being afraid of Millennials and tell them truth: they can move out of mom and dad’s house, they can drop out of school, they can quit their dead-end job with the idiot supervisor. But they can’t get away from government and debt. Read more →