Democratic Party

Conservatives Keep Losing Because They’re Reading The Wrong Books

For the past four years. conservatives have worried more about being right while liberals worried about winning. We all know how that worked out. It doesn’t matter how right you are if you’re powerless.Right now we are. Satisfied? I didn’t think so. After four years of 5,000 Leap and Constitution study groups, of Constitutional workshops, and rallies in the park, let’s make a vow to ourselves and to each other: We’re Done With Losing.
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You Have No Idea How Much Your Boss Pays in Payroll Taxes

Related articles America is suffocating under an amazing tax burden, but most Americans STILL underestimate how much their tax bill really is. That’s because Washington has done a fantastic job of forcing employers to hide most of the taxes you pay. If people had to see and deal with their total liability, the Democratic Party would be swept into the dust bin of history.
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