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A Conservative Missouri Service Program–Part 5

We’ve reached the end. On Monday, we corrected disinformation about The Franklin Project. Next, we looked at the historical conservative framework for national service. Wednesday was a dissection of The Franklin Project’s Plan of Action (as distinguished from the group’s vision.) Yesterday, we examined the consequences of ignoring the call for national service. Today, we offer an oversimplified proposal for Missouri’s version of a national-service program. While inadequate, it is a start. Read more →

Just Which Freedoms Are We Losing?

I confess. When I write about freedoms lost, I don’t itemize the freedoms. I don’t feel too bad, though, because almost no one does. Itemizing sucks. First, it’s hard work. “Losing freedom,” takes about three seconds to type and less time to read. Listing freedoms,on the other hand, takes that much time just to highlight all the freedoms and click the un-ordered list button. God forbid I find myself working in straight HTML and have to hand-type ” Read more →

What Would Buckley Do?

I wanted to be William F. Buckley Jr. All I lacked was his intellect, education, and unique experiences. Well, I didn’t want to be him. I wanted to be the next one. Every day, I wrote a 750-word piece. Poorly. I believed that practice would improve my writing. It didn’t. One day, I realized, as long as I tried to be the next William F. Buckley, I was destined for frustration and failure. Read more →