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I Will Be On Panel at Show-Me Cannabis Conference April 13

Gary Weigert, State Rep. Paul Curtman, and I will share a panel at Show-Me Cannabis Reform Spring Conference Saturday, April 13 from 1:45 to 2:30 pm at the Crowne Plaza Downtown, 200 N. Fourth St. Our panel discusses the conservative case for marijuana law reform. I am honored by the invitation, and I’d love to see a big turnout of tea partiers for the event. Here’s the full schedule of events Read more →

Weednesday Post: Why The GOP Needs To Champion Marijuana Law Reform

**If Republicans want to put their liberty where their mouths are, they can begin by ending the war on weed. ** When I was a kid in South St. Louis in the 70s, marijuana was the weed in the field that separated traditional post-war American values from the hippies. It was an easy black-and-white issue: smoke dope, you’re un-American. It was the Boomers against the Greatest Generation, and no one questioned the pure evil of pot. Read more →