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Here’s A Great Way To Connect to America’s Founding: 1776

Get into the spirit of ‘76 with a great live musical You probably didn’t know that I was a theatre guy in high school and college. In fact, I was a theatre major for a couple of years. I think the right’s neglect of the arts is one of our biggest failings. The arts reach people at an emotional level. Intellectual arguments cannot change emotional attachments. So here’s a chance to rev up your American patriotic spirits while connecting with the arts. Read more →

Thank You, Harvard

A Harvard study recently concluded that attending American Independence Day celebrations could turn kids into Republicans. The reason 4th of July creates Republicans has nothing to do with patriotism and everything to do with education. Here’s why: * On July 4th, we celebrate the Declaration of Independence, not the founding of the United States. (That would come with the passage of the Constitution thirteen years later). * July 4th events teach kids—in an environment free from teacher-union propaganda—the _reasons_ we broke from England. Read more →