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Trump Bunted a Hanging Slider He Could Have Walloped

Donald Trump missed numerous opportunities to use humor to destroy Hillary Clinton Monday night. The clearest example was on Lester Holt’s question on cyber security. Hillary went first and gave a long, robotic answer, hitting all the buzzwords her handlers made her memorize. Trump countered with a similar answer. But Trump could have crippled Hillary with a single line: If you’re worried about cyber security, don’t elect a woman who runs an email server out of her basement. Read more →

Spontaneous #DebateNight Reaction

Liveblogging the biggest debate in history. Before that, you should read my proposed closing remarks for Donald Trump. Someone told me on twitter that there will be no closing remarks. So maybe Mr. Trump will use my prompts for his opening statement. To make this more fun, you can grade my prediction accuracy at the end of the post. Read more →