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Hillary Told Us Trump Won

I really want to go to bed, but my brain won’t sleep until I type this out. Hillary Clinton told us Trump won the debate with her final answer. Final answer. An audience member asked the closing question. He challenged the candidates to say something nice about their opponents. Hillary went first. The right way to answer those screwball questions is to say something nice and sit down. I’ll explain why in a moment. Read more →

The Thrilla in California

Try not to imagine the worldwide television audience for the Trump vs. Sanders debate. Super Bowl ratings would look skimpy by comparison. Trump vs. Sanders would be the most watched political event ever. And I’m including the future in “ever.” And a Trump vs. Sanders debate would effectively kill Democrats’ chances in November. This is huge. Yesterday, I wrote about Trump’s remarkable honesty at his press conference, but that wasn’t the big story of the day. Read more →

What Good Issued From the Candidate Debate?

Did you hear about the ratings? Over 24 million people watched the first Republican debate Thursday. That’s the largest audience ever for a cable program, save for sports. Everybody knows why so many watched: people wanted to see a fight break out between Chris Christie and Rand Paul. Donald Trump’s presence probably didn’t hurt. Let me clarify that. Trump’s appearance helped rating. His performance might have ended his campaign. Read more →