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Is Petraeus Paying Price for Hillary’s Crimes?

Beyond Top Secret. Hillary famously kept an email server in her private bedroom where it was safe from being used as Bill’s YouPorn hub. (I’m pretty sure Bill Clinton hasn’t visited the inside of his wife’s sleeping chamber in the 21st century.) Being plugged into the internet, though, and lacking even the most rudimentary security, Hillary’s server was exposed to the prying eyes of Chinese, North Korean, Russian, and Anonymous spies. Read more →

Is Petraeus Taking Obama With Him?

Note: This is a flight of fantasy. If anything in this post is later shown to conform reality, it’s pure coincidence. Nor am I accusing Gen. Petraeus of any crime or of compromising of national security secrets. (Just enjoy it, will ya?) And then comes the lady trouble. Could It Be? Related articles Note: This is a flight of fantasy. Read more →