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How bad would Trump presidency be?

The world is about to end. Or civil war is about to break out in Dayton, Ohio. Believe it? Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson, and other Republicans have convinced a lot of people that we are doomed if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination. I know some people who are nearly incapacitated with fear and grief after last night’s Nevada caucuses. Because they listen to Glenn Beck. Sad! Here’s the thing: nothing is as bad as you think it will be while you’re thinking about it. Read more →

Take a Walk on the Hedonic Treadmill

Here’s what happens when you raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, according to scientists: Nothing. Well, not nothing. All kinds of bad things happen to the economy. But nothing happens for two groups of people central to the whole debate: workers who get a bump to $15 and employers who have to bump to $15 an hour. Most cities and states that have raised their minimum wage laws to $15 will phase in the increase over five years. Read more →

Why The Sequester Is Worse Now Than It Will Be After It Happens

Welcome Dr. Gina Show Listeners! Republicans should announce “the sequester won’t be so bad” and shut up, and science tells us why. Obama, the Dems, liberal pundits, the press, and even John Boehner are running around yelling about how horrible the sequester will be. In some deep recesses of our minds, we agree. “Oh, my God! We’re all going to do die!” Fear-mongering only works in the future because, in short, nothing is as bad (or as good) as we think it will be when we think about it. Read more →