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Karl Rove’s Air Power Strategy Failed America And His Donors

We heard it repeatedly during the Iraq wars: air power alone cannot win. You must take and hold ground in war. The same is true in political combat. For years the GOP upset Democrats at all levels through superior ground games. Typically, this process involves: * Identifying potential voters * Contacting the high-value targets * Registering the unregistered * Mobilizing them on election day Karl Rove’s Crossroads PACs tried a different strategy this time. Read more →

You’ll Never Guess Who’s About to Become Obama’s Biggest Nightmare

In 2008, we heard all about the youth movement for Obama. We heard that the enormous Millennial Generation, born between 1982 and 2001, would destroy the GOP and everything America once stood for–like jobs, family, faith, and hard work. And when Obama won, many believed the tales of the Obama Youth. But many were wrong. Voters under 30 have had it with vague promises and glittering bullshit from that punk from Chicago. Read more →