Bill Hennessy

Leftist Internet Company Shuts Down Truth Over Fear Summit

Full headline: Leftist Internet Company Shuts Down “Truth Over Fear: COVID-19 and The Great Reset” Summit In Effort to Silence Health Professionals Concerned About Lockdowns and Experimental Gene Therapy Injections # The oligarchs will stop at nothing to block the truth about COVID-19, the experimental gene therapy injection it spawned, and the people who sponsored the pandemic.

Bill Hennessy

Leave the Gun. Take the Cannolis

Via WGEM: Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker responded Friday afternoon to President Donald Trump’s statement earlier in the day where Trump said he had deemed churches and other houses of worship “essential” and called on governors to allow them to reopen this weekend.

Bill Hennessy

Can We Be Grateful?

When you hear “coronavirus” or “COVID-19,” you probably think of words like fear, disruption, recession, sick, death, inconvenient, and maybe even China.