Why Compromise Is Like Half a Boob Job

A man wants his wife to get breast implants. His wife doesn’t want it. They compromise, and she gets one implant. Is this the best outcome? No! It’s the worst possible outcome. Either of the two other outcomes—no implants or two—would be better than the compromise. So why are Americans so infatuated with political compromise that leaves the country more lopsided? Why Compromise Produce the Worst Outcome The FBI’s top hostage negotiator provided my example, via Eric Barker’s fabulous blog, Barking Up The Wrong Tree.
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Here’s What Happens Now That Boehner’s “Plan B” Went Down In Flames

Now that Boehner’s “Plan B” strategy has blown up like a poisoned dog, here’s what Boehner will do. Remember this chart from last month? It shows strategic options from John Boehner’s point of view: Yesterday, Boehner tried to land about halfway between the top and bottom quadrant on the left, shown here Now that Plan B has been rejected, Boehner’s choices are limited to these: * Adjourn and hit the fiscal cliff * Cut a deal that will earn most Democrat votes and enough Republican votes to pass
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5 Things to Question About Debt Deal

Yes, the Tea Party movement influenced what went on in Washington. No, the Tea Party is not the winner. (No one won.) No, this debt deal won’t guide the government off the road toward bankruptcy. Here’s why. No Entitlement Fix: In fact, it appears that entitlements aren’t touched. Entitlements are the nation’s spending problem. Not roads and bridges, not the military. Entitlements. Until we arrest and reverse growth in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, we’re spitting in the ocean.
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