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Domine, non sum dignus

But What If the Holy Father Is Right?

You might think I’ve been pretty hard on Pope Francis lately. I’ve questioned whether his refusal to deny Archbishop Viganò’s accusations. And I’ve indicated that, if the allegations are true, the pope’s resignation might be the best thing for the Church. Please understand that my posts are about seeking justice for the many victims of this scandal, includes the many faithful who never directly abused by a priest but, nonetheless, have been harmed by the scandal. Read more →

Jim Towey Is Confused

God bless Jim Towey and the work of his school, Ave Maria University. I am confident that he is confused, and we should pray for clarity. I’m talking about his recent series of letters and clarifications regarding how Catholics should express their obedience to the pope. Jim is partially right and partially off base. What Jim Towey Gets Right Jim is right that that conservative Catholics need to be very gracious and obedient when they challenge the pope’s formal teaching on matters like the death penalty. Read more →