8 Ideas to Save Christmas in Ferguson

Nixon buck-passed while Ferguson burned. With the city’s main business district laid to rubble, buycotts won’t have much effect. And Christmas is around the corner. Who got hurt last night? *1. People who own businesses *2. People who work at businesses *3. People who rely on businesses Time is short. The people affected by last night’s riots need help rebuilding and jobs right now. While I don’t have complete plans, I can throw out eight ideas.
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Merry Christmas

I read today that the Christmas shopping season was off. The writer, or his sources, blamed Sandy: Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook. Retailers said that shoppers weren’t very jolly. They were serious or worried or distracted. Hurried, as if they didn’t want to be out too long. I thought of my parents and others at the Christmas of 1941. Americans had endured a decade of economic depression that the planners were impotent to correct.
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What Could Be Worse?

What could be worse than having no Christmas gift for a child to open? A Christmas gift with no child to open it. _Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their little souls, and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. _

Christmas on Sunday

When I was a kid, I loved Christmas on Sundays. What I hated were the years before and after the Sunday Christmas. My problem was I didn’t want to go to Mass two days in a row. To give some background, I grew up in a Catholic home. Very Catholic. My dad went to Epiphany. My mom’s Catholic, and her dad converted very late in life. Two of my dad’s cousins were Monsignors.
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Merry Christmas!

Christmas is the holiday about humility. The humility of the immortal and all powerful and all knowing stooping to become a mere human being. The humility of God and king to live among the humblest and poorest–a carpenter’s son. The humility of belonging to a race so broken that our Creator sent his only Son to redeem us. For me, the humblest part of this season is what I’m doing right now.
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2 Ways to Make Christmas Season Happier

Is it better to give or to receive? Before you answer, let’s look at some of the science behind giving. Then let’s look a little deeper. Dr. Barbara Fredrickson studies the psychology of happiness. About a decade ago, Dr. Fredrickson announced a formula for creating an “upward spiral” of happiness. In other words, she identified what it takes to have happiness breed happiness. The formula applies to individuals, families, groups, and even companies.
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Father Corapi's Christmas Message

I’m terrible at holiday posts, so I turn to America’s greatest Catholic preacher since Fulton Sheen: The blessed and joyous time of Christmas is here again. So, I’ll just take the opportunity to thank all of our viewing and listening family for allowing us into your homes. I don’t take that for granted. I am honestly grateful to you for allowing us to serve you in that way. As I look out the windows of my home in Montana it sure is “beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
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