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I Know a Saint

My mom and dad have two anniversaries. One anniversary celebrates the day my uncle Bob drove them to Hot Springs, Arkansas to elope. The other celebrates the day about a week later when, having learned of their civil nuptials, my grandfather ordered them to go see Father English and set themselves right with the church. Like father, like son, I guess. Except, the kid’s a lot slower. Fifteen years slower. Read more →

The Romans Had Nothing on Us | Video

Do you know the most persecuted religious group on earth? History speaks of the massive Roman persecution of Christians. The catacombs of Rome, housing the remains of thousands of Christian martyrs, tell us the story and give voice to the dead. But the Romans had nothing on we moderns when it comes to persecuting Christians. Today, Christians are the most persecuted religious group on the planet. And the problem grows worse every day. Read more →

Obama’s War on Catholics Has Nothing To Do With Healthcare

Obama’s dictate that Catholic organizations must participate in contraception and abortion has nothing to do with healthcare or rights or contraception or anything of the sort. Not at all. Modern dictatorships don’t operate that way. **Obama just destroyed the free practice clause of the First Amendment, and that’s exactly what he intended. ** Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof Read more →

Go Israel

No, I’m not a war monger. But peace is not the absence of war. It’s the presence of peace. If you live in Israel, you are not at peace. You are at war. War against a massive body of people who want to destroy you before they move on to destroy Christendom. If Christendom doesn’t destroy itself first. So let’s all thank Israel for standing tall on the front lines of this epic battle between good and evil. Read more →