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You’ve Been Drinking Wrong All Along PODCAST

It’s a beautiful day in spring. The sky is radiant and wonderful blue. Birds singing, trees starting to bloom, grass an impossible shade of vibrant green. A cool and welcoming breeze licks your bare skin, your cheeks, and playfully ruffles your hair like a lover. Your work is done, now, so you sit in your favorite outdoor chair and take in the relaxing, comfortable view. Smell the freshness of spring wildflowers. Read more →

Thanks for Overwhelming Book Launch!

Just a quick note because I’ve been on the road all week. Fight to Evolve: The Government’s Secret War on NTX just hit Number 2 in Censorship category on the Amazon Kindle store. (These numbers change a lot, so I’m posting this screenshot to prove it.) [caption id=“attachment_19181” align=“aligncenter” width=“630”] Fight to Evolve by Willam T. Hennessy Number 2 on Amazon Kindle Store for Censorship.[/caption] And it’s #1 on Hot New Releases! Read more →