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Domine, non sum dignus

The Karl Rove School of Sanctimony

Related articles When I read about Todd Akin’s unfortunate comments to Charles Jaco, my first thought was uncharitable. “I could just kill him.” “I could kill him,” is an idiom. Its cousins include “wring his neck” and “poke his eyes out.” Idioms hyperbolize our emotional reaction to an event. I was angry because Todd Akin gave the left a great talking point in the infamous interview. Read more →

Would you do me a favor this Saturday?

I try not to ask for much. Okay, maybe that’s not true, but I’m going to ask you a favor, anyway. Mark this down: **7:00 pm, Saturday, October 1. ** It’s weird, I know. But I’m asking for three presents in one. First, my mom and dad celebrate their wedding anniversary this week. (62nd?) Second, my wife and I celebrate our wedding anniversary this week. Third, next week is my birthday. Read more →

KTVI’s Hard News Guy … Sgt. Bilko

Just watch. And laugh. Then call KTVI’s General Manager, Spencer Koch at 314-213-2222, and demand an apology for Sgt. Bilko’s latest travesty reported on Gateway Pundit. [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5z0VxWZszyg&w;=425&h;=344] Too good to be true? Ask Charles: cjaco@charlesjaco.com. On April 13, Charles Jaco reported on KTVI News that an organization called The Constitution Party sponsored and helped organize the St. Louis Tea Party. Jaco also claimed that The Constitution Party is a white supremacist group. Read more →

Fox 2 News St. Louis Lies About Tea Parties UPDATE

Charles Jaco of Fox 2 News in St. Louis filed a fabricated story claiming that a) the St. Louis Tea Party is organized by something called The Constitution Party, and b) the Constitution Party is an extremist, white supremacist group. I will say only this:  Neither Dana Loesch nor I is a member of the Constitution Party. I did not know of such an organization before April 14, 2009 Read more →