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Ben Evans worked hard to host a joint event with St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Heritage Foundation a couple years ago. Because of Ben’s hard work, we met Dottie. Then the trouble in Ferguson happened last August. Fearless Dottie joined our band of BUYcotters who went to Ferguson to shop while the city still smoldered. We met Dellena. Dottie cultivated a relationship with Dellena. Saturday, February 28, Dellena hosted Level One training in Self-Governance at her 911 Beauty Salon on W. Read more →

Self-Governance Is the Best Kept Secret in the Fight for Freedom

Thanks to MOPP for this fantastic summary for Center for Self-Governance training opportunities in the show me state. Includes links to enroll in class. FYI… TO: MOPP SUPPORTERS  MOPP COUNTY COORDINATORS (please help spread this message by forwarding to your Missouri contacts/networks/thanks!)      Citizen involvement is “snowballing” across the State of Missouri as the Center for Self Governance adds more classes to its schedule. The ultimate goal is to have a CSG team in every county in the state in order to influence your elected officials and policy. Read more →

Why Self-governance Training Is the Most Important Training You’ll Ever Receive

I just finished Level 1 Training with the Center for Self-Governance. While I have a long way to go to complete the training, I can tell you I needed this. Bad. What I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know It’s not that I was stupid before. And some of the political action I’ve been doing my whole adult life was affective, I learned. The problem is, I didn’t know whether or not it was effective. Read more →