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Who’s Really Left in the GOP Field?

If you lack a unique, differentiating value, your only play is price. In business, you command the price play by being very, very big and very, very efficient. In presidential politics, you’re unique or you close up shop and go home. Commodities don’t win executive offices. Usually. Even though it’s early, only four Republican candidates for president have differentiating value propositions: * Ben Carson * Donald Trump * Carly Fiorina * Ted Cruz Everybody else is a commodity, especially Jeb Bush. Read more →

One Question for Carly Fiorina

The next US President must be a great communicator. Distilling complex and controversial problems into mental models accessible to large numbers of people is not deception–it’s brilliance. The reason we hang onto sound bites isn’t because we’re stupid–it’s because we’re busy. We all don’t have time to earn masters-degree understanding of every issue facing society and government. Honest, accurate distillations of the complex ideas allow us to choose and act quickly. Read more →