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American Idiots

Those who blindly cheer for the fall of Mubarak and the rise of anything else in Egypt are the same as those who cheered the fall of the Shah in Iran. Question their motives. The Great One, Mark Levin, tweeted attention to this post about an email from Salim Mansur to Claire Berlinski. The email’s purpose was to call Claire’s attention to Mansur’s latest column. Here’s what Mansur says as an aside: Read more →

Forcing Functions

An old boss of mine liked “forcing functions.” Forced us to meet delivery dates, while arbitrary dates tended to cause a “so what” attitude toward deadlines. Forcing functions like trade shows, magazine reviews, and client launches forced development teams to ship, no matter what. Keep that in mind for a moment while we look at the Obama Administration. Barack Obama campaigned on a promise to clip America’s wings. I know he didn’t use that term, but it was clear what he meant when he visited the Mediterranean and Germany. Read more →

It’s 1978 All Over Again UPDATE: Thaddeus McCotter Agrees With Me

The news might seem unimportant to us in the USA: Day after day they marched, tens of thousands strong, defiant chanting demonstrators surging through the streets of Cairo, a capital unaccustomed to the shouts and echoes of dissent. The subject of their protest was the policies of Egypt’s supreme ruler, Hosni Mubarak. Some carried signs demanding his ouster. Others called for a return of long denied civil and political liberties and the enforcement of Islamic laws. Read more →