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Ben Evans worked hard to host a joint event with St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Heritage Foundation a couple years ago. Because of Ben’s hard work, we met Dottie. Then the trouble in Ferguson happened last August. Fearless Dottie joined our band of BUYcotters who went to Ferguson to shop while the city still smoldered. We met Dellena. Dottie cultivated a relationship with Dellena. Saturday, February 28, Dellena hosted Level One training in Self-Governance at her 911 Beauty Salon on W. Read more →

Ferguson Shopping Ideas

Here are some businesses people should frequent: Eat at Sweetie Pies on W. Florrisant, or head to Paul’s Market on Elizabeth, Drive down N./S. Florrisant for Shop-n-Save, Chinese Food, local eats, bakeries, dollar tree, etc. Ferguson also extends to New Halls Ferry and 270, where there is a Home Depot, another Shop-n-Save, Party store, UPS store, and more. https://livewellferguson.com/main/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/FergusonMap5-1.jpg Also, there is Ferguson Bike shop, The Whistle Stop, and Sportsprint (where you might find an I heart Ferguson shirt). Read more →


DON’T STOP SHOPPING! The Buycott is underway. Great turnout on Thursday. Fantastic support from the media. Even Senator Claire McCaskill joined the buycott. Read all about it here. In the meantime, keep shopping Ferguson/Dellwood if you get the chance. And make an appointment on your calendar to shop Ferguson/Dellwood on Labor Day Weekend. Have out-of-town guests? Take them on a tour and have a meal in one of the great restaurants in the area. Read more →