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I hate writing this post

I like to say I hate electoral politics. Maybe I just want people to think I’m the kind of person who hates electoral politics. (We are all capable of being wrong about ourselves.) I have to say, briefly, that this was the most encouraging Republican debate since … 1980? These are all serious people, and I’m including Trump. They all love America, and not just what they might get from America. Read more →

Where I stand on Iraq

I stand for total victory in Iraq. Background Some say that I blindly support President Bush and everything he does. I do not. Nor do I publicly lambaste his missteps the way others, like Peggy Noonan, do. This blog, I hope, will explain to my readers and friends how I can hold several seemingly incongruous positions on Bush and the War. * The United States, the free world, in fact, was justified in invading Iraq and overthrowing Saddam * The war in Iraq was not successful in its early days despite the perception of a rout * The administration's greatest failure was kowtowing to the left * The symptom of that kowtowing was establishing a defensive posture instead of continuing the attack * Donald Rumsfeld failed the President by refusing to return to an offensive strategy * The key to victory is ruthless aggression * Republicans should limit criticism of Bush to recommendations that will achieve victory Justification Following 9⁄11, President Bush told Peggy Noonan in a private meeting that every night he goes to bed expecting to be woken and told that Saddam has unleashed a WMD in America. Read more →

American Support For War Grows

The New York Times, believe it or not, has this story in its campaign blog: Poll: American Support for War Inches Up The story cites an NYT/CBS Poll that showed America support for war in Iraq rose to 41% in July from 35% in May. You will not see this story on the CBS Evening News or on the front page of America’s most un-American paper, though. The results do not fit either organization’s political agenda. Read more →