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How to shield Brett Kavanaugh against spells of witches

You probably heard that a bunch of witches are gathering in New York City today to put hexes on Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump, and others. Don’t take this lightly. Father Richard Heilman and folks at the Holy League have asked Christians to pray the Lorica of St. Patrick for Justice Kavanaugh, substituting “Brett Kavanaugh” or “Justice Kavanaugh” for the first person pronouns. This is a powerful prayer that’s more than 1,500 years old! Read more →

You Will Be Punished Efficiently

The trains to Auschwitz ran on time. Brutal dictatorships love efficiency. Stalin. Hitler. Mao. Pol Pot. The best mass murderers are efficient. Psychopaths feed on efficiency. They kill because killing is the most efficient means to their end. They kill to rid society of inefficient people. People who introduce inefficiencies to the system. People who get in the way. Democracy is inefficient. As are all republics. (A republic is any form of government that’s open to the public. Read more →

The Kavanaugh Conniption

Judging by the hateful behavior of the materialistic left, you’d think Judge Brett Kavanaugh has a history of driving around neighborhoods and stopping to strangle puppies in front of their 5-year-old masters. There was Kamala Harris’s outburst at the start of the hearings. There was Cory Booker’s sad and embarrassing Spartacus moment which was like a failed scene in a forgotten Woody Allen movie. Now, the left’s hate groups are complaining that the Democrats didn’t go far enough. Read more →