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Don’t Miss The Brain Study That Tells You How to Influence Democrats

One of the most powerful tools of influence is fear. Decades of research shows that fear of loss is about three times as motivating as hope for gain. (This changes under certain situations, like conditions of certain loss, but that’s for another time.) So political message writers often use negative messages to influence voters to take a chance on a cause or a candidate. This tactic works well with Republican voters, and less well with Democrats.
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What Do Presidential Debates and Colonoscopies Have in Common?

At some point, each additional GOP Presidential debate becomes just a bigger pain in the … But science shows us that the last debate before a vote—and the last memorable event in the last debate—is paramount to how we remember the entire event. In fact, memorable moments at the end, not consistent performance throughout, determine who wins and who loses. In this awesome TED talk, Nobel winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman explains the weird difference between our experiencing selves and our remembering selves.
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