Thin-Slicing, Experts, and the Power of the Human Brain Help Capture Suspect Two Alive

The police in Watertown responded magnificently. But the most brilliant strategic move gets little notice from the press. For about sixteen hours, hundreds of law officers, FBI agents, helicopters, and satellites scoured a relatively tiny area of Boston suburbs for one wounded terrorist. At the same time, they kept the public relatively safe, off the streets, and out of the way of their manhunt. **But they didn’t find their man.
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In “Blink*” Malcolm Gladwell explains the human mind’s remarkable ability to arrive at truth instaneously. The book’s first story involves a Greek statue scientifically proven to be authentic … except that every human expert who sees it instinctively knows something’s wrong. Turns out, of course, that the humans are right and science is wrong. The statue was a fraud. When I first heard the story of the AF1 fly-over of New York City that created panic on Wall Street, I immediately, instinctively knew that it the publicity photo story was wrong.
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