Ben Carson

Master of Manipulation

I’m going to share a secret about manipulation with you. Please do not use this powerful method for sinister deeds. But first … Disclosure 1: Before I get to the Master Manipulator Model, some important background. I work professionally in the field of persuasion and influence. I even invented a workshop that helps big companies make their stuff more persuasive. The point is, I study persuasion, and manipulation is persuasion’s cousin.
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What if high turnout in Iowa means something else

Reports on Twitter say turnout in Iowa very high. Some caucuses are reportedly running out of ballots. Huge turnout! #IowaCaucus — Jake Putala (@JakePutala) February 2, 2016 The view at Dubuque’s 19th precinct. We had to move to an auditorium to accommodate the large turnout. #IowaCaucus — Chris Lammer-Heindel (@lammerheindel) February 2, 2016 HUGE turnout in both Democratic and Republican caucuses tonight. @cspan channels are THE place to witness this process at work.
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Who's Really Left in the GOP Field?

If you lack a unique, differentiating value, your only play is price. In business, you command the price play by being very, very big and very, very efficient. In presidential politics, you’re unique or you close up shop and go home. Commodities don’t win executive offices. Usually. Even though it’s early, only four Republican candidates for president have differentiating value propositions: ** Ben Carson ** Donald Trump ** Carly Fiorina ** Ted Cruz
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What Good Issued From the Candidate Debate?

Did you hear about the ratings? Over 24 million people watched the first Republican debate Thursday. That’s the largest audience ever for a cable program, save for sports. Everybody knows why so many watched: people wanted to see a fight break out between Chris Christie and Rand Paul. Donald Trump’s presence probably didn’t hurt. Let me clarify that. Trump’s appearance helped rating. His performance might have ended his campaign.
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