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Why It’s Good To Be Wrong

Well, a redneck nerd in a bowling shirt was a-guzzlin’ lone star beer Talking religion and-uh politics for all the world to hear. –Kinky Friedman, They Aint’ Makin’ Jews Like Jesus Anymore I used to hate to be wrong. In fact, most of my life, I’d deny being wrong long after all doubt had left the room. I’d get angry when I was wrong, too. More accurately, I’d get angry when someone found out I was wrong. Read more →

Maybe I’m All Wrong About Putin and Poland

When you’ve stated your opinion or belief about something important, do you defend your belief to the hilt? Or do you immediately begin questioning your own conclusions? Most of my life, I would defend my opinion to the point of losing friends. Even if I was wrong. Even I knew I was wrong. I’m a coward, what can I say? I’m trying to get better, though. One practice I’ve developed and recommend to everyone is pretty simple but difficult. Read more →

Why Being Wrong Can Be The Best Policy

I think I coined a phrase a couple of years ago: affinity bubbles. Affinity bubbles are the cocoons we build to protect us from challenges to our beliefs. They’re confirmation bias on steroids. And search engines and social networks help us build them. Sure, the sounds of our echo chambers give us the of a mother’s heartbeat to an infant. But what if you’re all wrong? Realizing You’ve Been Wrong All Along Is Better Than Being Wrong And Denying It Don Peppers is one of the smartest men alive because he actively challenges his own beliefs. Read more →