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Let’s Not Act Like Democrats … Me Included

Request: If you read a blog post on Hennessy’s View that seems to be rooting for America to fail or suffer in order that Obama take the blame, please e-mail me (bill-at–hennessysview–dot–com) and comment. I’m a hot-head, and I might not catch myself. The United States and every country on earth is in a perilous position right now. The world economy is on the brink of depression. Bad business practices driven by even worse government policies and regulations have destroyed $ trillions in wealth and left us on a narrow, swampy peninsula between deflation and hyperinflation. Read more →


“Socialism in America will come through the ballot box.” –Gus Hall, Chairman of the Communist Party of the United States and recipient of the Order of Lenin. Which is why Obama needs to take aloyalty oath (OTB). Read more →

Obama’s Weird Chess Game

Democrat candidate for president Barack Obama’s bizarre chess game with foreign policy took another twist today. In remarks to a report, Obama seemed to formulate his nuclear policy as he went along: “I think it would be a profound mistake for us to use nuclear weapons in any circumstance,” Obama said, with a pause, “involving civilians.” Then he quickly added, “Let me scratch that. There’s been no discussion of nuclear weapons. Read more →

Obama’s Little Mind on Foreign Policy

Barack Obama proves he would be a dangerous commander-in-chief. Two weeks ago, he told us that the United States is obliged to stay out of wars, even to prevent genocide. He would not have fought Germany in World War II unless Germany attacked the United States. He would not stop the genocide in Darfur or Congo. He would not have gone to Somalia or Bosnia. That, again, was two weeks ago. Read more →

UN Approves Darfur Force

The UN Security Council, today, finally got around to approving a 26,000-strong force to control the violence in Darfur (FoxNews.com). I have a depressing suspicion that this means there are no Christians left for the Muslims to kill in Darfur. Expat Yank thinks the same: There are only two reasons a predator state engaged in fomenting widespread slaughter (the UN has not termed Darfur “genocide”) will voluntarily allow in a UN peacekeeping force: 1) that state has already accomplished most of its ”slaughter” goals (remember, this conflict began in February 2003), or 2) it doesn’t believe the UN force will be able to accomplish much of anything anyway, so its best to let it be deployed in order to get the “international community” off its back. Read more →

MichelleMalkin.com Called “Hate Site”

Michelle Malkin responds to that unnecessary race of humans known as liberals. The liberals, it seems, have gone about calling her web site, michellemalkin.com, a “hate-site.” Other bloggers are jumping in to defend Michelle. I won’t. I think she has one of the best blogs in the business, but she doesn’t need my defense. First, liberals are evil little creatures–more little than evil, in the small, petty sense. Their self-righteous slander is not really meant to hurt its target as to aggrandize the speaker or writer in his own small mind and among his own petty peers. Read more →

First Gaffe of the Campaign?

If Hugh Hewitt is right, the distinction goes to Barack Obama for promising to meet the leaders of “Iran, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea without precondition.” Huh. Didn’t Jimmy Carter promise something like that in 1976? Except then it was China, the Soviet Union, East Germany, and the Grand Dutchy of Fenwick. This gaff (is that how to spell “gaff?”) came during the YouTube debate, which I didn’t watch. I actually have avoided everything about it, but I stumbled onto Hugh Hewitt and had to giggle. Read more →