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Nightmarish Carnival of Democrat Mayhem Continues

Congressional Democrats plan to hold a special session in August to pass yet another $26 billion bailout for states. Specifically for states that have create welfare empires they can no longer sustain. So responsible states now have to pay for irresponsible states at the point of a federal gun. It looks like the Democrats want to completely bankrupt America before they lose power in January. Of course, this also gives empty suits like Russ Carnahan an excuse not to debate their opponents, talk to constituents, or hold town halls. Read more →

Taxpayers to Bailout SEIU?

Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) wants you to pay $165 billion to bail out organized crime unions. Actually, the bill heading toward taxpayers is unlimited and could reach into the trillions: Although right now taxpayers could possibly be on the hook for $165 billion, the liability could essentially be unlimited because these pensions have to be paid out until the workers die. Remember why we took to the streets for the first Tea Party Protests in 2009? Read more →

Separation of Press and State

Borrowing liberally from Americans United for Separation of Church and State, let’s adopt this manifesto of our resolve to keep the government from taking over (via voluntary non-profit status) the free press in the United States: Americans have more publishing freedom than any people in world history. We can choose what to read; what to teach our children; how, where and when to write; which causes to give money to; or even whether we want to get involved with the news at all. Read more →

America, you just bought yourself 3 car manufacturers

Apparently Bush’s plan to socialize all of America before leaving the White House is alive and well. Some sort of a crappy deal has been reached. The plan includes a car czar–something that Toyata, Nissan, and Honda miraculously do not need–to run the auto industry like a DMV license office. The last time a government designed, built, and sold an automobile like, it was called the Yugo. I’ll keep my SUV, thanks. Read more →