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Domine, non sum dignus

Just Sad

How sad is the story of the Tucson tragedy. Good people died. Good people grieve. A little girl, born on 9-11, went on her way to her reward. Too soon. So, so too soon. Experience says that some survivors will become bitter and angry. That’s sad, too. Some will become depressed. All will weep. Especially the little girl’s daddy. (I can’t bring myself to write their names—that would make it too personal for me. Read more →

A National Day of Shame

It’s bad enough that five people died, including a wonderful nine-year-old girl. It’s bad enough that a dozen or more people were shot. It’s bad enough that a deranged man attacked our American system. But America’s liberal elite turned the tragedy into a national day of shame. They accomplished this by callously and capriciously blaming innocent political opponents for the violence. When confronted with facts to the contrary, liberals, including Paul Krugman, CBS News, the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, Jane Fonda, Sheriff Dupnick of Pima County Arizona, and others, continued to lie, slander, and libel the tea party, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and conservatives in general. Read more →