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“[N]o one did it like Breitbart”

Last night, someone asked me, “who’s the most influential person in your iPhone contacts?” “I don’t know,” I said. “Breitbart’s dead.” David Carr writes in New York Times about the Life and Death of Andrew Breitbart. Be advised that neither Carr nor NYT shares our political beliefs. And the tactics they cheer from the left, they attack when from the right. Funny how whenKaren Finney lies about Mitt Romney, it’s good journalism. Read more →

RIP, Andrew Breitbart UPDATE

Business Insider has picked up a Big Journalism story that Andrew Breitbart died last night. (Big Journalism is one of Breitbart’s web sites.) If this is true, then we’ve lost a gallant warrior in the battle to preserve and advance freedom and liberty. Of course, the lefties will flood the internet with hate and bile. So maybe the obit is a plot to draw the lefties out and reveal them for who and what they really are. Read more →

Shark-Jumping Anderson Cooper Style

Just before her beatification, Shirley Sherrod jumped the shark. On Thursday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper let the embattled former USDA director talk for an hour. Bad idea. It was bad for CNN, bad for viewers, and really bad for Sherrod, who lost her mind on the air. This is what she said: I think he’d [Andrew Breitbart would] like to get us stuck back in the times of slavery, That’s where I think he’d like to see all black people end up again. Read more →

Who Wronged Shirley Sherrod?

To no one’s surprise, leftist idiots and hate-mongers like David Frum, Keith Olbermann, and the staff of CNN point their crooked, hostile fingers toward Andrew Breitbart as the cause of Shirley Sherrod’s pain. That’s like blaming Ron Howard for the problems on board Apollo 13. What Breitbart and Big Government did regarding Ms. Sherrod was identical to what every television news program does every day of the week. They produced a news story based on information reasonably available to them. Read more →