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Is Petraeus Taking Obama With Him?

Note: This is a flight of fantasy. If anything in this post is later shown to conform reality, it’s pure coincidence. Nor am I accusing Gen. Petraeus of any crime or of compromising of national security secrets. (Just enjoy it, will ya?) And then comes the lady trouble. Could It Be? Related articles Note: This is a flight of fantasy. Read more →

Hey, Obama: Take Your Ass-Kicking Like a Man!

The day after John McCain handed Barack Obama his ass on a platter at the Saddleback Forum, Obama’s paid mouthpiece, Andrea Mitchell, accused McCain of cheating (see Newsbusters). I guess going mano-a-mano with a real man is above Obama’s paygrade, too. How pathetically consistent. Barack Obama’s childishness, immaturity, and lack of accountability grow to new legendary heights every passing day. I really don’t know how people can take this brat seriously. Read more →