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Consent of the Governed

In the battle between conservatives and statists, a fundamental difference seems to lie in the meaning of a concept found in the Declaration of Independence: Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed[.] The dispute is how men convey consensual powers to their government. Conservatives believe that governmental power is conveyed exclusively through the Constitution; statists believe power is conveyed through elections.
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Flow-Thru Afterglow

Dangerous Thoughts Standing in the Wings _Why are you here? _I thought. I was standing on the steps of the Arch fully aware that my fingers were painfully cold when the wrong thought crossed my mind. By “wrong thought,” I mean that one thought that will subconsciously sabotage the important or dangerous thing you are about to attempt. Like thinking, “what if the front wheel just fell off?” as you’re cruising down a winding road on a motorcycle, or “what if I forget my lines?
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St. Louis Tea Party Turnout Rocks!

Thanks to the 1,000+ patriots who stood in the snow at the Arch, Dana “The Energizer” Loesch, Doug Saur, the speakers, Michelle Moore and Jeff who managed the fairgrounds, Desiree’ the Poster Party Lady, and the true leaders at #TCOT who held my hand after I stumbled into this event. Today at the Arch in St. Louis was simple patriotic magic. I have to do some wrapping up of the event, but I’ll say this:
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St. Louis Tea Party Live Feed All Day

Stay on Hennessy’s View for continous live coverage of the St. Louis Tea Party TV : Ustream

How to Change the World with Twitter

My light blogging owes to our efforts to change the world in a week. My role is, appropriately, miniscule. When Congress listens, it will repeal the trillions of waste, fraud, and abuse it has produced over the past 4 months, it will stop proposed borrowing and bailouts, it will stop rewarding bad behavior in corporations and citizens, or it will retire. This time, there are no two ways. Using tools like Twitter, email, and Facebook, TCOT has provided at least 163 patriots a forum to voice its discontent on Friday, February 27 at 11:00 a.
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Matt Sczesny Rocks, and other Tea Party News

Great coverage of the St. Louis Tea Party on KMOV Channel 4 by reporter Matt Sczesny. Channel 4 has not posted the video (that I can find). I’ll link or embed it as soon as it’s available. Please say “thanks” to Matt and KMOV for a fair report. Amy at Top Conservatives on Twitter has put together a convenient list of the Tea Parties across the country. This list is NOT exhaustive, as not all cities have a Facebook Event page.
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See Dana's Channel 5 Interview

Go Dana. How ‘bout a little equal time? Why does the WU prof get 80 percent of the time? DELETED VIDEO EMBED I detest videos that start automatically. You can see the report on KSDK’s web site. Not the best coverage, certainly not fair, but publicity is publicity. So thanks to Rebecca for visiting with Dana and selecting 7 seconds of the interview to air ahead of 30 minutes of some college professor who wrote a book in his spare time.
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Live Blogging Barry's Crappy Reagan Imitation

The future is ours. Your disgust with the borrowing and spending, your noble desire to restore the republic the founders wrought, those are the real protests. The tea party is in our hearts and souls–the events are just the physical manifestations. But now, the President: Ninety percent of live blog posts suck. So I did my blog readers a big favor: I tested my quips on Twitter. Here I present my instant reactions that were good enough to get retweeted.
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See me on PJTV

I look like a burrowing creature, but I made it through the toughest interview of my life. (Not really) Forward to friends.

Uncle Barry’s Adding Machine Stimulator Regulation Gimmick

A few weeks ago, shortly after his inauguration, Barry “The President” Obama panicked: the Republicans might talk the people out of the stimulus bill. Barry moved quickly. But Barry is an organizer, not an engineer. He’s the cheerleader, not the quarterback. He moves mobs, not nations. And when panicked, he fell apart. Barry decided to announce that life as we know it would economically end the Day After The Stimulus Bill Is Defeated.
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